1Lyt Revealing Many Ways

Darkness is only the absence of light and nothing in itself. It has no power. Why try to remove the darkness? Shine your light, and see. There is no darkness there, only light.

The light is always with you, so turn it on whenever you like. It will show many ways you can choose. How do you want to be, right here, right now? Do you want to be loving or not? Peaceful or not? Happy or not?

The light reveals many paths. Once you choose your path, you must walk it, or else it is not your path. So how do you know if you are on the path you chose, each step of the way? You must shine your light to see each step, every step of the way.

Is this step loving? If you are experiencing love, right here, right now, then you are on the loving path here and now. Is this step peaceful? If you are experiencing peace, right here, right now, then you are on the peaceful path here and now. Is this step happy? You know what to do.

Shine your light. It illuminates itself, and others will see. They will use your light to look for theirs, and when they find it, they will shine it too. More and more will see.

If you can understand, then please understand.

All you need is one light. It reveals many ways.

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